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Mandiant Gives Back: Announces 2022 Mandiant Academy Quarterly Grant Program for Nonprofit Organizations

Apr 05, 2022
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New grant program helps to close the cyber security skills gap through cyber intelligence training courses developed by industry-leading experts

RESTON, Va., April 6, 2022 – Mandiant, Inc. (NASDAQ: MNDT) today announced the launch of the 2022 Mandiant AcademyTM Quarterly Grant Program, which seeks to support mission-focused U.S. nonprofit organizations dedicated to advancing cyber security professionals along their career paths. The program is part of the larger Mandiant Gives Back initiative that provides funds, awareness and training to support the global community.

“The Mandiant Academy Quarterly Grant Program highlights our continued commitment to advancing cyber security and furthers our mission to make every organization secure from cyber threats,” said Vikram Ramesh, Chief Marketing Officer at Mandiant. “We’re excited to officially roll out this program and help to provide the upskilling opportunities our fellow defenders need to tackle today’s persistent and impactful threats.”

Mandiant Academy Quarterly Grant Program

Mandiant recognizes the tremendous value nonprofit organizations provide to their members through continuing education and career development opportunities. To assist their efforts, Mandiant created the Mandiant Academy Quarterly Grant Program, which seeks to award up to 960 hours of free on-demand intelligence training developed by Mandiant experts to one nonprofit organization each quarter. The program enables grant awardees to offer their members complimentary access to best-in-class cyber intelligence training courses, empowering them to increase their skills as they embark on their career or gain skills they can apply to their current roles.

As a market leader in threat intelligence and expertise gained on the frontline of cyber security, Mandiant is positioned to provide an elite mix of cyber training. The on-demand intelligence training courses are purposefully designed to fit any schedule and provide interactive assessments to drive engagement as well as best practice cyber intelligence frameworks and operations for quick adoption. The courses enable security professionals to better understand cyber intelligence fundamentals and dive deep into how to turn intelligence into action.

The 2022 Mandiant Academy Quarterly Grant Program call for applications is now open and closes on April 30, 2022. To learn more and to submit an application visit:

Mandiant Gives Back Initiative

Mandiant is committed to not only making the world a better and more secure place, but also to giving back in meaningful ways. In addition to the Mandiant Academy Quarterly Grant Program, Mandiant also recently pledged to partner with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to provide financial assistance to students studying cyber security or related fields at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

To learn more about the Mandiant Gives Back initiative visit:

For more information on today’s announcement visit:

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