Channel Partner Program

The Mandiant Channel Advantage Program enables partners to sell Mandiant offerings to their customer base. All Mandiant offerings are now sold through the Channel and backed with world-class expertise and nation-state grade intelligence.

Channel Partner

Channel Focused and Channel Ready

Partners participating in the Mandiant Channel Advantage Program can sell Mandiant products as a strategic offering to their established customer base. The program rewards partners for bringing in net-new deals with competitive discounts and renewal incumbency protection.

Build your level of expertise. Grow your business around Mandiant. Add services to increase revenue even more!

A Premier Cyber Security Channel Partner Program

The Mandiant Channel Advantage Program partner network spans the globe, offering expertise and cyber-security products and services in the cloud and on-premise. Many of our top-tier channel partners are expert cyber security solution providers. They provide a consistent, user-centered experience through the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform. They also benefit from adding services such as Mandiant Threat Intelligence and Mandiant Managed Defense to deliver current intelligence, automate alert investigation and prioritization and validate security control products.

Become a Partner

If you are a cyber security provider ready to take your business to the next level, contact us to become a Mandiant Channel Partner today.

Mandiant Channel Partners

Partner Portal

Get access to our Partner Program, Partner Education Center and other partner benefits.

Other Mandiant Partnership Types

Partners OverviewPartners Overview

Develop a tailored security posture with our Mandiant Partners ecosystem and be equipped with innovative security solutions, services and insights.

Cyber Risk PartnersCyber Risk Partners

Mandiant works with leading law firms, insurance partners, ransomware negotiators and other specialized firms to mitigate risk and minimize liability resulting from cyber attacks.

Service ProvidersService Providers

Mandiant works with service providers and channel partners to provide tailored security solutions that protect customers and improve their profitability.

Service ProvidersTechnology Partners

Mandiant works with industry-leading security controls providers to deliver advanced protection for our customers through our technology ecosystem.