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Splunk and Mandiant have partnered to deliver a formidable defense for customers to stay ahead of attackers and evolving threats. Customers can:   

  • Quickly identify and understand real-time relevant adversary activity 
  • Assess external assets and identify risks
  • Validate controls are effective and events are making it to Splunk ES
  • Ensure events have context to trigger appropriate alerts and response 
  • Access Mandiant experts with the click of a button
  • Monitor the deep and dark web to anticipate attacks or receive early notice of a data leak
Better Together

Splunk and Mandiant

Why We’re Better Together

Mandiant Advantage delivers transformative expertise and frontline intelligence to Splunk Enterprise customers with seamless integration. Joint customers can embed Threat intelligence into Splunk analytics and SOAR capabilities, expand the scope of discoverable assets and vulnerabilities with Attack Surface Management, and validate that their Splunk instance is pulling in all relevant data and flagging notable events.

Know Your

Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence, coupled with Splunk, provides direct access to authentic and active threat data providing visibility into the latest threats and enables your organization to know what threats matter most.

Know the True Measure of Your Security

When combined, Splunk and Mandiant enable security teams to validate their security stack and analyze security events through the eyes of Mandiant cyber security experts and use of innovative technology.

Know Your Attack Surface

Mitigate the risk of external asset exposures, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities directly within Splunk by operationalizing insight from the extended attack surface within existing security operations workflows.

Rapid Incident Response

In the face of a suspected or active breach, you can save time and minimize the impact by using the integration between Mandiant and Splunk to quickly engage with Mandiant incident response experts.

Splunk Threat Intelligence Dashboard

Maximize your investment in Splunk

Now Splunk and Mandiant are strategically positioned to help security-conscious organizations effectively manage their environment and be confident in their cyber defenses. If you want to make your organization more secure and ready to respond to sophisticated attackers and a changing threat landscape, get the Mandiant Advantage App for Splunk.

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Splunk turns data into doing helping organizations unlock innovation, improve security and drive resilience through their leading data platform that supports shared data across any environment so that all teams in an organization can get end-to-end visibility with context for every interaction and business process. 

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