What’s Better Than Free Threat Intelligence?

TJ Alldridge
Jan 10, 2022
3 min read
Threat Intelligence

Many would say that effective security is not based on the security controls deployed, but the expertise and the intelligence behind those controls. To answer the critical question, “Is our organization at risk?” requires deep insight into the evolving threat landscape. Security practitioners need to know who the most prolific threat actors are, the tools they are using, and the indicators and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) associated with their attacks. 

To help organizations of all sizes better address many of these questions, Mandiant offers a limited,  free subscription of Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence. It gives users frontline insight—enriched with Mandiant expertise—into a subset of threat actors, malware families, and indicators of compromise plus the latest insight on publicly known vulnerabilities. With this intelligence, organizations can take a proactive approach to cyber security and reduce risk.

To help Free subscribers realize additional benefits of robust and actionable threat intelligence, Mandiant will now automatically upgrade Free accounts to Security Operations subscriptions for the first 14 days after an account is approved. Already have an account? We’ve got you covered—log in, your free trial is active as of today.

The 14-day trial opens locked content and gives subscribers access to additional insight, including the full set of over 230 threat actors targeting their specific industry right now, as well as the tools (over 3,600 malware families) those threat actors are currently using.

Threat Intel Free Subscription

Threat Intel Sec Ops Subscription

13 Threat Actors

+230 Threat Actors

8 Malware Families

+3,600 Malware Families

Open-source Indicators

Open-source and Mandiant Proprietary Indicators

Open-source Intel

Mandiant Proprietary Intel

Mandiant spends more than 200,000 hours per year responding to incidents. These hands-on engagements give Mandiant a true understanding of the full attack lifecycle, not just correlated opensource articles that are used to piece together a report. Armed with this threat intelligence, users will have a greater understanding of the adversary, so they know what to look for as they build their case and configure their security sensors. 

To make the most of the 14-day trial, Mandiant recommends users fully explore all of the new content now available. An actionable place to start would be checking to see the TTPs being used against the user’s industry. To do this, simply:

  1. Select MITRE ATT&CK from the Explore tab on the top of the Mandiant Advantage home page
  2. Select the industry and region on the left side of the page.  
  3. Click “Add All’ on the top left to select all the threat actors targeting the selected Industry(s)
  4. Then change the view from “Actors Selection” to “Analysis”
    1. This view will show a heat map of all the TTPs the threat actors are using to target the user’s industry
  5. Next, zoom into the most used tactics (red and orange) to identify areas the security team should focus their protection, detection, and response activities.

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