Mandiant Threat Intelligence Product Updates for October 2023

TJ Alldridge
Oct 13, 2023
2 min read
|   Last updated: Apr 04, 2024
Threat Intelligence

Mandiant Threat Intelligence has added a number of new and updated features and capabilities, which are now available in public preview or general availability. These new capabilities help you save time and gain more insight into the threats targeting you.

Public Preview

  • Compromised credentials monitoring: Monitor your compromised credentials that may have leaked on the deep and dark web. The compromised credentials monitoring capabilities in Digital Threat Monitoring can automatically alert you if any accounts linked to your organization — both internal employees and customers — have appeared in compromised credential data. You can now set up a Compromised Credentials monitor to help reduce your window of exposure, hampering account takeovers and minimizing the potential impact on your threat landscape.
    compromised credentials
  • Threat scores: Focus and filter on the most critical indicators in your organization with this feature enhancement. By adding more context such as: category, associated target, industry, and region we have improved accuracy of the Indicator Confidence (IC) Score to better highlight the likelihood of a threat being malicious. Customers who want to enable threat scores can do so in the Mandiant Advantage platform. Simply use the toggle at the top of the indicator page to switch between IC Score and Threat Score. API customers can provide new parameters in your request, and the new threat score content will be provided in the response.
    threat scores
  • Search summarization: Reduce risk quickly by surfacing the most relevant threat intelligence in seconds. Leveraging Duet AI in Threat Intelligence, an always-on AI collaborator that provides generative AI-powered assistance to users, this feature distills Mandiant’s industry-leading corpus of threat intel information into easy to comprehend, natural language summaries, allowing security teams to quickly understand how adversaries may be targeting the organization or how geopolitical activity could be impacting the threat landscape.
    search summarization

General Availability

  • Safe browsing integration: Leverage Google’s visibility of over 60 billion URLs analyzed daily. This data is used to enhance the accuracy of the IC Scores and make them more dynamic as the perceived maliciousness of each URL ebbs and flows reducing false positives and giving you more confidence in your prioritizations.

Mandiant is committed to helping you be more proactive and continuously enhancing your security strategy. These advancements are designed to not only save you valuable time, but also provide deeper insights into the threats that matter most to you.