Case Study

Asia Media Giant Secures Data and Delivers In-Demand Content

Singapore Press Holdings Enhances Multi-Vector Security with Mandiant


Protecting Primary Threat Vectors with the help of Mandiant

The mission of Singapore Press Holdings is to be the trusted source of news on Singapore and Asia. The media trust chose to work with Mandiant and engaged Managed Defense alongside an Incident Response Retainer.

“Mandiant is renowned for being called in to handle some of the largest cyber security breaches in the world.”

               —Glen Francis, Chief Technology Officer, Singapore Press Holdings


Pre-established incident response retainer maximizes budget impact


Strategic partnership and sourcing of expertise multiplies team effectiveness


Ability to quickly respond to alerts with increased security posture


Imperative to Protect System, Data and Content  

Millions of people rely on Singapore Press Holdings for dependable news delivery. The company’s systems must run continually and be operationally ready to deliver print and digital media. Chief Technology Officer Glen Francis is particularly mindful of the attacks that target the company’s content. He said, “Just imagine if we went down as we needed to get urgent news to our readers? We have to constantly protect the systems and data we manage.”

“We needed to identify a layered set of solutions to protect our primary threat vectors with each one needing to be best of breed and integrate well into our existing environment.”

               —Glen Francis, Chief Technology Officer, Singapore Press Holdings


Created a Framework for Success

Francis met with Mandiant consultants for security guidance after seeing how they resolved threats to nation-states and high-profile companies. The consultants helped establish a framework to protect Singapore Press Holdings from threats that could impact the company’s ability to disseminate news. “The worldwide shortage of cyber professionals dictated that whatever we implemented should be easily managed from a central location and give us the ability to efficiently respond to alerts without requiring huge amounts of effort,” said Francis.

“Mandiant is renowned for being called in to handle some of the largest cyber security breaches in the world.”

               —Glen Francis, Chief Technology Officer, Singapore Press Holdings


Prepared for Tomorrow’s Challenges with Advanced Fundamentals

To further bolster its revamped security posture, Singapore Press Holdings uses Mandiant Managed Defense to access an advanced suite of managed detection and response capabilities. A Mandiant Incident Response Retainer was added to ensure incident response expertise was always on standby to accelerate the identification of potential malicious activities and mitigate the impact of a security incident. These services help the media company stay prepared for any potential security threat.

“By having the right technologies, expertise and processes in place, we are discovering that we can be lean and agile without compromising the security of the company. Partnering with Mandiant acts like a force multiplier for us.”

               —Glen Francis, Chief Technology Officer, Singapore Press Holdings

Singapore Press Holdings

Asia’s largest media organization—Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)—connects millions of people to the latest news. Since its 1984 incorporation, SPH has grown to include print, digital, and radio media. The company’s portfolio also includes aged-care services, event management, and properties.

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