Global Healthcare Giant Expedites SOC Merger to Enhance Worldwide Security Posture

Mandiant Cyber Defense Operations delivers blueprint for success

Global Healthcare Company Merges Security Operations and Functions

This global healthcare company faced a high-profile acquisition and needed to quickly merge security operations and specialist on call (SOC) security functions to maintain its defenses. The company had previously worked with the Mandiant Cyber Defense Center Development team and decided to engage Mandiant to help with its security consolidation.

  • Two disparate SOCs merged to create successful security blueprint
  • One point of contact unified and collaborated with global groups
  • New model built to protect the digital assets of a multi-billion-dollar enterprise


Unifying cyber security functions to successfully maintain defenses 

Mergers and acquisitions have become common occurrences across healthcare sectors around the world, frequently creating the need to combine or assimilate functions—such as cyber security—from previously disparate organizations into one unified body. Following the high-profile acquisition of a complementary business, the company needed to quickly merge its existing SOC functions with those of the newly acquired entity.  

The spokesperson for the new SOC stated, “Although the combined security teams were highly skilled and experienced, because of the disparity in maturities and capabilities, it became apparent that bringing in external support would be the most expedient approach to ensuring a successful outcome to the SOC consolidation while simultaneously maintaining existing defenses.”


Mandiant engaged to support consolidation and bolster incident response

Having previously worked with the Mandiant Cyber Defense Center Development team on SOC enhancement initiatives for SOC blueprint and playbook development, the company decided to engage the Mandiant Cyber Defense Operations team to help with the consolidation. These expert consultants have unrivaled firsthand, frontline incident response experiences and expertise in this area. 

The team used proven methodologies that reflect the knowledge acquired from designing and managing many of the world’s largest cyber defense operations. Using a three-phase system, the Mandiant team rigorously assessed the discrete capabilities of the two SOC’s to build a new design blueprint for cyber security, while maintaining the company’s existing defenses. 

“The quality and comprehensiveness of the Mandiant plan, combined with continuous guidance, ongoing customizations and hands-on implementation support enabled the rapid realization of meaningful improvements to our worldwide cyber defense capabilities”  

-SOC Spokesperson, Global Health Services Provider


Developing a new design blueprint to protect digital assets

The Mandiant team expedited the merger of two disparate SOCs into a consolidated function without disruption to ongoing security operations. Using existing strengths of both SOCs as foundation for world-class capabilities, a set of criteria and a design blueprint were created to comply with all pertinent regulatory, industry, and contractual requirements. This new model took advantage of the strengths of both legacy centers, reducing SOC-related costs and increasing capabilities and efficiencies to protect the digital assets of a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. 

In this complex engagement, many nuances and challenges were considered, including building an infrastructure designed to assimilate the security functions of future acquisitions. 

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