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Global software publisher Reinvigorates Security Operations with Mandiant

Axway Reduces Risk with Mandiant Managed Defense 


Reducing risk to a cloud-based infrastructure

Global software publisher Axway selected Mandiant Managed Defense to help it reduce the risk of security breaches within its cloud infrastructure. Partnering with Mandiant enables Axway to align its thinking with Mandiant’s world-class expertise and improve its overall security posture.

  • 1st Strategy-first approach to managed services
  • Full Preservation of legacy security components
  • 24x7 Solution updates prepare defenses for evolving cyber attacks


The Search for a Security Provider Focused on Security Strategy 

Axway wanted to enhance the security posture of its cloud-based solutions by optimizing resources. With security being critical to the company and their reputation, Michael Christensen, IT Security Manager, said, “Our goal was to find a security provider we could rely on. We knew that without great threat intelligence and knowledgeable people behind the scenes evaluating data to identify and understand the real issues triggering alerts, many solutions are not necessarily helping customers.”

“I knew there was a passion and a drive behind Mandiant to provide a really strong understanding of the security landscape and to help us find ways to be proactive”

               —Michael Christensen, IT Security Manager, Axway


Security Bolstered for Incidents and Large Breaches

Axway worked with the Mandiant Managed Defense team to minimize the impact of any security incident. Christensen highlights a focus on incident response and mitigating the potential for larger breaches as a differentiator for Mandiant Managed Defense: “The Mandiant team helps us identify very specific details about threats we encounter and delivers insights into how to address any vulnerabilities. This gives us a greater understanding of our environment and how to best secure it.”

“Mandiant gave us the opportunity to reevaluate how we do things as a company, and to align our thinking with the world-class expertise behind its solutions and services.”

               —Michael Christensen, IT Security Manager, Axway


Strong Alignment With a Security Powerhouse

“Mandiant is a security powerhouse,” said Christiansen. “Bringing in Mandiant gave us the opportunity to reevaluate how we do things as a company, and to align our thinking with the world-class expertise behind Mandiant solutions and services. The relationship we developed with Mandiant has become a driving force in improving our overall security posture.”

“The Mandiant Managed Defense team dedicated another two weeks to validate that we had uncovered the full scope of the attack in the first 24 hours and that nothing else had happened. They talked with our team every day just to make sure we had collected the right information and understood how to defend our environment moving forward.”

               —Michael Christensen, IT Security Manager, Axway

About Axway 

Founded in 2001, Axway is a software publisher and a major player in digital transformation, supporting customers in the modernization of their infrastructure by moving, integrating, and securely exposing distributed data. The company has solved the toughest data integration challenges for over 11,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

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