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Industrial Gas Company Augments In-House Security Team Capabilities with Mandiant Expertise on Demand

Industrial gas company safeguards its infrastructure against cyber attacks


Industrial gas company safeguards its infrastructure against cyber attacks

It is critical for this world-leading industrial gas company to meet demands for specialty gases safely and reliably, while protecting the company’s IT/OT infrastructure from cyber attacks. Safeguarding this infrastructure ensures the company can provide for the wellbeing of its employees and the communities in which it operates.

  • 15K computers included in the company’s international footprint
  • 3k industrial PCs located in the manufacturer’s facilities
  • 1.5k miles of industrial gas pipeline in the company’s infrastructure


Ensuring large cyber security attacks are handled as quickly as possible

A key issue faced by this company is the industry-wide challenge of staffing an internal team with the right caliber of talent to handle a large cyber security attack. The manufacturer’s CISO recalled: “Despite the challenge of finding security professionals with the right set of skills and expertise in the area we’re located, we do have a very capable internal team. However, we determined that there potentially wouldn’t be a sufficient depth of in-house resources to handle a significant breach of our infrastructure.”

In addition to this, the company’s incident response team previously held an ad hoc approach to tracking down critical information, which meant incidents were not resolved as quickly as possible. Given the highly dynamic and volatile cyber crime landscape, having the right resources to stay agile and ahead of attackers is essential for the manufacturer.


Investing in Mandiant Expertise on Demand to Manage Cyber Risk and Attacks

The manufacturing company’s CISO invested in Mandiant Expertise on Demand to receive immediate access to world-class tactical, operational, and proactive capabilities to navigate the aftermath of cyber attacks. This service offers the ability to flexibly match skills to the company’s dynamic set of needs and priorities.  Expertise on Demand assists the existing incident response team effectively, while providing quality threat intelligence to define and manage cyber risk.

Additionally, with Mandiant cyber security professionals readily available, the industry-wide cyber security staffing challenges that the manufacturing company was experiencing were conveniently circumvented. The CISO feels confident allying with Mandiant because of the company’s renowned quality of technical expertise.

CISO, industrial gas company

“Expertise on Demand makes it very easy to procure exactly what I need, whether that’s quick threat intelligence insights or resources to help an analyst resolve a problem.”


Continual, Flexible, and Efficient Assistance with Navigating Cyber Attacks

Mandiant Expertise on Demand complements the internal team’s ability to navigate a cyber attack. The annual subscription provides continual, flexible access to Mandiant threat intelligence, incident response, training, and consulting services, while supplementing the existing incident response team with the skills needed to efficiently complete tasks. “Expertise on Demand makes it very easy to procure exactly what I need, whether that’s quick threat intelligence insights or resources to help an analyst resolve a problem,” enthused the company’s CISO.

As part of its business evolution, the manufacturer is also working to become completely cloud-based and is anticipating a shift in the company’s risk profile. Confident in his own team’s ability to adapt, the CISO shared, “Part of the benefit of using Expertise on Demand is that Mandiant can change with us, helping guide us through our cloud journey and ensuring we don’t incur unnecessary risk.”

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