Cloud Architecture and Security Assessment

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To reduce costs and improve scalability, organizations are increasingly migrating their on-premise assets to the cloud. In response, attackers are realigning their tactics and techniques, including social engineering and exploiting misconfigurations, to target cloud environments.

The Mandiant Cloud Architecture and Security Assessment evaluates your current security state and recommends hardening priorities for assets on the most popular cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

This assessment helps your organization understand the threats and security controls unique to your specific cloud environment, hardens the environment against targeted threats, and improves your ability to detect, investigate and respond to attacker activity across all phases of the attack lifecycle.


  • Understand threats to your specific cloud environment architecture
  • Mitigate commonly exploited cloud architecture misconfigurations
  • Reduce your attack surface from common exploitation techniques
  • Gain visibility of top security risks related to existing configurations
  • Enhance monitoring, visibility, and detection in the cloud
  • Prioritize the right security enhancements to your cloud environment