Cyber Threat Profile

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Understand the threats targeting you

Cyber threat actors and tactics are constantly changing and adapting to defensive measures, complicating the lives of security professionals. To properly understand the threats it faces, an organization must identify its specific security goals, business vertical, geography, high-value targets (critical assets), historical threat activity, and defensive posture. These efforts require regular maintenance and should combine both an internal and external point of view for holistic understanding and useful specificity.

The Mandiant Cyber Threat Profile gives you a composite picture of the most important and relevant cyber threats to your organization and how those threats are likely to materialize and impact you and your partners, now and in the future. The Cyber Threat Profile is an essential part of an intelligence-led security strategy--one that creates a proactive defensive posture to reduce cyber risk.

Benefits of a Cyber Threat Profile

A cyber threat profile has strategic, operational and tactical benefits, including:

  • Arm executives with a thorough understanding of cyber threats to guide security investments
  • Bridge threat communication gaps between business and security operations teams
  • Review security architecture decisions based on attacker motivation, capability, and intent
  • Enhance threat modeling processes through incorporation of pertinent attacker profiles
  • Reduce responder stress by effectively scoping investigations
  • Go beyond CVE scoring by integrating threat intelligence into vulnerability management activities