Purple Team Assessment

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The Mandiant Purple Team Assessment evaluate your security organization’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to attack scenarios by using the latest threat intelligence and the Mandiant Security Validation technology. They focus on highly realistic scenarios relevant to your industry.

To expose shortcomings in your current technology stack, the purple team does not assume that your security operations work as intended. Unlike adversarial penetration testing designed to identify misconfigurations or unpatched systems in your network infrastructure, the Purple Team Assessment, which incorporates Mandiant controls validation technology, is a collaborative assessment which provides quantifiable evidence of security effectiveness.


  • Prepare your security team for real world cyber incidents—without real risk or business impact
  • Assess and enhance your security team’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to authentic, relevant and active attack scenarios in a controlled, realistic environment
  • Test and tune technical defenses to increase breach detection and response effectiveness