Threat Intelligence Capability Development

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Cyber attackers are often better trained, better funded and better staffed than many security organizations Mandiant works with. As a result, cyber attacks have become more complex and the resulting damage more severe. It is challenging to find and retain even a single qualified security professional and getting all the professionals you need is often cost prohibitive.

For these reasons, more organizations look to reduce their cyber risk profile and enhance their security posture with cyber threat intelligence (CTI) services. However, many organizations don’t know where to start, while others jump in without understanding what threat intelligence they need or how it should be used across their operating environment. The results are generally ineffective and costly. Organizations need to know how to get a better return from their CTI investments.

Mandiant Intelligence Capability Development services are designed specifically to help organizations realize true value from CTI. Over the last decade, hundreds of organizations have worked with Mandiant Intelligence Capability Development consultants as trusted advisors to build best practices for the consumption, analysis and practical application of CTI.