ThreatSpace Cyber Response Simulation Exercise

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ThreatSpace is a technology-enabled service that allows your organization to assess and develop its security team’s ability to respond to real-world threats in a consequence-free environment. Using a virtualized environment that simulates typical IT infrastructure such as network segments, workstations, servers and applications, teams use ThreatSpace to assess their technical capabilities, processes and procedures as they investigate simulated attack scenarios.

The scenarios, based on extensive Mandiant incident response experience responding to thousands of breaches, include the latest adversary tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and test an organization’s ability to detect, scope and remediate a targeted attack. Throughout the process, Mandiant incident response experts provide real-time feedback and coaching to help improve your security team’s ability to respond to cyber attacks.


  • Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. Investigate real-world, complex incidents to identify gaps in training, processes, procedures, and communication plans.
  • Learn from incident response experts. Work closely with experienced Mandiant incident responders who draw on years of intelligence-led investigative expertise to assess and provide realtime feedback and coaching.