Cyber Defense Assessment Services

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Assess your ability to effectively detect and respond to evolving cyber attacks

The Mandiant Cyber Defense Assessment helps organizations who are looking to build a new cyber defense function from the ground up, enhance their existing processes and supporting technology, and effectively measure their program performance against persistent and sophisticated real-world attacks.

Mandiant consultants evaluate an organization’s cyber defense capability by reviewing key elements of the six critical functions of cyber defense—threat intelligence, hunt, detect, respond, validate, and command and control. These six functions have been identified as foundational blocks for an effective security program.

After the evaluation, Mandiant delivers a detailed report that contains an improvement roadmap with prioritized implementation recommendations specific to your organization's needs.


  • Evaluate your cyber defense program across the six foundational functions
  • Identify your cyber defense and security program gaps based on frontline experience
  • Understand how to improve your organization's overall detection and prevention capabilities
  • Build or enhance your organization’s cyber defense program to achieve security resilience
  • Customize your engagement through a tiered service model

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