Digital Threat Monitoring Services

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Visibility into the open, deep and dark web to anticipate threats

Cyber criminals conduct their work on the open, deep, and dark web. To find them, you need to know where to look, have the right access and understand what they are saying. If you could access these conversations and filter the noise to see what they’re saying about you, your organization, or your partners, you could anticipate and plan for threats or learn if you were already compromised.

  • Open web: Also known as the surface or clear web, this is easily accessible data indexed by search engines—but it only comprises 10% of available information
  • Deep web: Most online information falls into this category, where data is not indexed by search engines; this includes academic networks and information that requires payment or registration.
  • Dark web: This section of the internet requires special software (such as TOR) and configurations to access and criminal forums and marketplaces are typically hosted here (the "underground").

Mandiant Advantage Digital Threat Monitoring watches the open, deep and dark web so you can detect and respond to potential external threats. Leveraging industry-leading threat intelligence, Digital Threat Monitoring not only knows where to look and listen for cyber criminal discussions but helps access private encrypted channels and understand the languages and slang/codes used by cyber criminals. Digital Threat Monitoring removes the noise and false positives using machine learning-driven language processing, entity recognition and filters. In just a few minutes per day, you could learn of a data and credentials leak or if malicious actors are targeting your organization, VIPs and vendors.