Expertise On Demand

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Confront cyber security’s biggest challenge

There was estimated to be 2.7 million unfilled cyber security positions at the end of 2021. Insufficient and underskilled staff increase team workload, leading to burnout, attrition and increased business risk. With security teams devoting so much time to acquiring cyber security expertise, critical activities such as strategic planning, threat hunting and skills training are often de-prioritized.

Rethink your approach to acquiring cyber security expertise. Instead of using budget to hire a single expert for one role, you could have ad hoc access to a diverse set of cyber security capabilities, skillsets and functions.

Expertise On Demand is a product-agnostic annual subscription that extends your security operations capabilities and capacity by providing flexible access to a wide range of industry-recognized security expertise. The expertise includes access to experienced cyber security resources, threat intelligence and training led by elite security practitioners to help accelerate response without overworking existing staff.