Industrial Control Systems/Operational Technology Healthcheck

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Identify exposed ICS/OT vulnerabilities so you can establish an achievable plan to reduce your system’s cyber security risk

Mandiant is a trusted advisor to organizations globally with decades of cumulative of experience dealing with advanced threat actors from around the world. We support organizations during the most critical times after a security breach has been identified and proactively help them improve their detection, response and containment capabilities. The Industrial Control Systems (ICS)/Operational Technology (OT) Healthcheck combines Mandiant’s knowledge of threat actors and experience responding to security incidents with our ICS/OT consultants’ domain expertise to deliver an in-depth evaluation of how well-segmented, protected and monitored your ICS/OT deployment is in practice.


The ICS/OT Healthcheck is a minimally invasive assessment of a system or facility’s overall cyber security posture. This assessment is specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations concerned about the operational risk associated with software-based agents, network scanning or other more aggressive security evaluation techniques. The Healthcheck combines a workshop-based ICS/OT architecture review with detailed technical analysis of firewall configurations and live ICS/OT network traffic.

Mandiant’s ICS/OT specialists speak the language of process and control, and work directly with the ICS/OT engineers to adapt cyber security best practices appropriately for the environment. We also work with IT security leaders to equip them with the domain knowledge and credibility required to engage their ICS/OT teams in effective cyber security discussions.