Ransomware Defense Assessment

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Evaluate and improve your cyber defenses to effectively combat evolving ransomware attacks

The Mandiant Ransomware Defense Assessment helps organizations evaluate existing technical and operational security controls to effectively prevent, detect, contain, and respond to the deployment of ransomware and multifaceted extortion attacks in your specific environment.

This service is delivered through a series of three core evaluations surrounding your security program’s operational capabilities, adversary detection know-how, and configuration and architecture settings that help to effectively defend against adversaries in the event of a ransomware attack.

The operational capability evaluation focuses on four competencies required for rapid cyber defense against a ransomware attack: (1) security architecture, (2) response, (3) communications, and (4) recovery.

The adversary detection evaluation tests your team’s abilities to detect and stop a ransomware attack in-progress, while also demonstrating the full impact a ransomware attack can have in your environment. This is achieved by simulating a real-world ransomware incident based on Mandiant’s frontline investigations, not hypothetical scenarios.

The configuration and architecture evaluation assesses the Active Directory settings most often abused and leveraged for escalation by ransomware threat actors and can lead to likely attack paths in your specific environment.

Based on your organization’s preference, each core evaluation can be provided individually or in any combination.

After the assessment is completed, Mandiant delivers a detailed report that contains your security weaknesses categorized by severity, existing strengths, actionable prioritizations for improvements and technical control recommendations.

Ransomware Defense Assessment Service Benefits

  • Understand your organization’s true exposure to sophisticated modern ransomware attacks
  • Uncover existing operational deficiencies of your security program targeted by ransomware threat actors
  • Identify specific organizational assets at higher risk of being affected by ransomware attacks
  • Receive highly actionable technical and strategic recommendations to reduce the likelihood and impact of ransomware attacks and improve overall resilience to protect critical assets
  • Prioritize budgets, investments, and resources to effectively combat ransomware attacks

Let Mandiant help you evaluate and improve your cyber defenses against today’s proliferating ransomware attacks. Get the Ransomware Defense Assessment Datasheet.