The Definitive Guide to Security Validation

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The Evaluation of Security Investments

Many organizations can often underestimate their level of cyber risk or overestimate the strength of their security controls. When it comes to cyber security, they cannot afford to make mistakes because the cost of a data breach is incredibly high. For some organizations, the impact of a breach can cause irreparable financial and reputational damage.

Cyber security effectiveness needs to be objectively measured on an ongoing basis, not only to ensure established systems and tools are reducing an organization’s exposure to risk, but also because CISOs are more often being asked to measurably improve and demonstrate the value of their security investments across people, process and technology to their stakeholders.

To identify a solution, you first need to quantify the problem. You cannot improve what you do not measure, just as you cannot fix what you cannot see. Breach and Attack Simulation solutions are not sufficient for gaining detailed visibility into the performance of security tools or for proving the business value of security investments. Thus, they cannot help clearly identify or solve security issues.

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