New Mandiant Security Validation Offering Helps Answer the Question: Are We Protected Against Ransomware?

Lynn Harrington
Oct 04, 2021
2 mins read

Daily headlines say it all—the frequency and proliferation of ransomware is accelerating and organizations of every size and industry can become the next victim. Threat actors continue to up their games with increasingly aggressive attacks, shifting from standard ransomware infections to multifaceted extortion, notably of critical targets such as healthcare systems, utilities and even food processing plants. Organizations in all industries and sectors are at risk, and they and they need to understand how and why if they want to defend themselves against the latest ransomware threats.

Armed with the right intelligence, security teams can deploy resources to improve technology, policy and infrastructure, address challenges associated with limited staff, skills and budget, and ultimately put their organization in a better position to defend against ransomware and related threats. The first step requires objectively measuring security controls on an ongoing basis. This discipline can identify if ransomware protections in place are preventing or blocking malware and reducing operational and business risk. Continuous measure of security controls can help ensure prevention capabilities are effective, and can also enable security leaders to answer the critical questions: “What ransomware is a threat to me? Am I ready for it? Would we even know if it was already here?”

Mandiant Security Validation offers the continuous testing and insights that organizations need to stay ahead of attacks. And now with our new Ransomware Defense Validation service added to the portfolio, organizations can see exactly how their security posture holds up against the prevalent ransomware attacks. The Ransomware Defense Validation service arms organizations with the tools and knowledge to measure and improve their preparedness for a ransomware attack on a continuous basis through automation and world-class ransomware intelligence.

The SaaS-based, Ransomware Defense Validation managed service will easily, safely, and quickly help organizations understand the gaps and vulnerabilities in their security infrastructure, improve their overall ability to defend against ransomware threats, and learn how to drive proactive change. And, most importantly, leaders will be able to answer the question: “Are we prepared?”

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