Breaking Down the M-Trends 2022 Report

Apr 19, 2022
1 min read
Defender's Advantage

We just published our M-Trends® 2022 report. With dozens of pages to unpack this year, we thought we'd chat with some Mandiant experts to help us digest all of the great content. Joining host Luke McNamara on this episode of The Defender's Advantage Podcast is Regina Elwell, Senior Principal Threat Analyst, and Kirstie Failey, Senior Threat Analyst, both of whom contributed to the report.

The conversation covers various topics discussed in M-Trends 2022, including FIN12 and FIN13, two financially motivated threat groups we graduated in 2021. The group also discussed the threat trends and techniques that have been observed during the M-Trends 2022 reporting period.

We won't spoil the rest. Listen to the podcast now and download a copy of the M-Trends 2022 report.

Follow Regina Elwell at @ReginaElwell and Kirstie Failey at @Gigs_Security.

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