Automated Defense Brings New Features to Mandiant Advantage

Eye on Security,
Episode 71
Apr 27, 2021
1 min read

Mandiant Advantage, our SaaS platform, was always intended to house more than just our threat intelligence—and now it does. With the addition of Mandiant Automated Defense and Mandiant Security Validation, we are continuing to roll out new features in a platform that is easily accessible, as well as easy to deploy and scale. Mike Armistead, SVP of Mandiant Advantage Products, joined host Luke McNamara to discuss what security teams will be able to do with these new features. Mike joined FireEye during the Respond Software acquisition, in which Respond’s solution became what is now known as Mandiant Automated Defense. Mike shared how the addition of Mandiant Automated Defense to the Mandiant Advantage platform enables the automation of tier one triage alerts. One thing that really stuck out about their conversation is how weaving together Mandiant Automated Defense, Mandiant Security Validation, and Mandiant Threat Intelligence helps organizations prioritize threats that matter to them, fast. Listen to this episode to get a walkthrough of how a SOC analyst can use the Mandiant Advantage platform to access intel about an alert they receive. You’ll also get a glimpse into what’s next for the Mandiant Advantage platform.