How Mandiant is Helping Governments Build Cyber Capacity

Eye on Security,
Episode 73
May 18, 2021
1 min read

Host Luke McNamara is joined by Paul Tumelty, Government Security Manager, to discuss how Mandiant is partnering with governments in EMEA to help foster cyber capacity building in nations across the region. Paul walks through how governments are thinking about this, from the crafting of high-level strategies to working through the tasking of the appropriate entities for cyber defense, and establishing relationships with the private sector and beyond. Paul also highlights some of the challenges—and even advantages—that various nations may have depending on where they are in their journey of establishing a government framework to better address a changing threat landscape, especially in areas such as critical infrastructure protection. What Luke found particularly interesting and exciting about the work Mandiant is doing in this space is the holistic approach Paul and his team are taking—beyond just ensuring the implementation of the right technologies—but looking at every aspect of what contributes to a nation’s strategy to continuously provide for a defense that can meet emerging threats. Luke and Paul even discussed the importance of early education initiatives to help foster the future workforce as part of capacity building.