Pandemic Impacts to the Cyber Threat Landscape

Eye on Security,
Episode 72
May 03, 2021
1 min read

In the latest episode of Eye on Security, we invited Jens Monrad, Head of Mandiant Threat Intelligence, EMEA to join Luke for a conversation on how the threat landscape has changed in the past year and how it continues to be impacted by the ongoing pandemic. We reviewed the cyber events of the past year: pandemic-themed phishing, multiple APT campaigns against vaccine research and development, and ransomware targeting healthcare systems. Jens revealed that the biggest change still impacting the cyber threat landscape is the sheer volume of people working from home. He also highlighted the potential increase in the cyber criminal ecosystem due to job losses, and how individuals might turn to cybercrime in order to make money. Check out the episode now to hear how the pandemic has impacted APT activity and disinformation campaigns. Jens also shares a unique piece of advice on the threat landscape that is helpful to remember as we all work to better secure our environments. For additional information on how the pandemic and more is influencing the cyber threat landscape, check out our latest M-Trends 2021 report.