Threat Trends: Head of TAG on Commercial Spyware, Cyber Activity in Eastern Europe, and More

Feb 23, 2023
1 min read

Shane Huntley, Senior Director of Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) joins host Luke McNamara to discuss his team's work keeping Google users secure.

Shane breaks down the research his team has done on the problem of commercial spyware vendors, and how that is impacting the threat landscape today. While this threat has evolved over the years as vendors come and go, Shane highlights drivers to this market and how it may evolve in the years to come. Shane also delves into TAG's recent report on the past year of Russian cyber operations since the invasion of Ukraine, and provides some thoughts on threat activity to anticipate going forward, from supply chain compromises to election security. 

Read the Fog of War report for more on TAG and Mandiant's analysis of Russian operations since the invasion of Ukraine.

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