APT41 (Double Dragon): A Dual Espionage and Cyber Crime Operation

Aug 22, 2022
1 min read

This comprehensive report details APT41, a prolific Chinese cyber threat group that carries out state-sponsored espionage activity in parallel with financially motivated operations. APT41 is unique among tracked China-based actors in that it leverages non-public malware typically reserved for espionage campaigns in what appears to be activity for personal gain. Explicit financially-motivated targeting is unusual among Chinese state-sponsored threat groups, and evidence suggests APT41 has conducted simultaneous cyber crime and cyber espionage operations from 2014 onward.

View the report to learn about:

  • Historical and ongoing activity attributed to APT41
  • The evolution of the group’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), 
  • Information on the individual actors and their malware toolset
  • How these identifiers overlap with other known Chinese espionage operators

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