Block Attack Opportunities with Attack Surface Management

Jul 21, 2022
1 min read

Understanding attack surface management

Leaving assets unmonitored and unmanaged is risky. They could provide entry points into an organization’s systems, networks and data. Attack surface management is the first step to understanding how and where an organization is vulnerable. It gives security teams the visibility and control they need to keep intruders out and assists with managing all digital assets.

Attack surface management is not an app, it is a proactive approach or program that focuses on detecting, monitoring and protecting every digital asset across internal and external ecosystems. It can help teams map assets and their dependencies, which is essential for digital and operational resilience. It enables organizations to uncover attack surfaces within their environment as well as those in third party locations. On average, attack surface management uncovers 30% more cloud assets than organizations knew they had.

Without a good attack surface management program, organizations are susceptible to overt attacks such as ransomware and other types of commoditized malware, as well as more covert attacks such as creating backdoors into systems for zero-day attacks that could go unnoticed for years.