Google Cloud Cybersecurity Forecast 2024

Nov 08, 2023
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Threat Intelligence
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cybersecurity forecast 2024Every fall we share an analysis of the cybersecurity landscape in the coming year, building on our intelligence and frontline experience to help organizations frame their fight against cyber adversaries. This year’s forecast represents a massive collaboration between multiple security teams across Google Cloud.

Read the Google Cloud Cybersecurity Forecast 2024 report to learn how:

  • AI will be used to scale phishing, information operations and other campaigns, but also for improved detection, response, and attribution of adversaries at scale, and faster analysis and reverse engineering.
  • China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran — known collectively as The Big Four — will conduct everything from espionage to cyber crime to achieve their respective goals.
  • Adversaries will use zero-days to evade detection and maintain access for longer, and increasingly target edge devices and virtualization software, which are particularly challenging to monitor.
  • Attackers may leverage older techniques that are not implemented or accounted for in modern detection systems.
  • Threat actors will seek to exploit misconfigurations and identity issues to move laterally across different cloud environments.
  • We will see more disruptive hacktivism related to global conflicts, and targeting of the Summer Olympics in Paris, as well as various elections.
  • Malware authors will develop more software in programming languages such as Go, Rust, and Swift, which makes reverse engineering more difficult.