The Defender’s Advantage for the Finance Industry Executive Summary

Sep 16, 2022
1 min read

The Defender’s Advantage is the concept that organizations are defending against attacks in their own environment. From data theft to ransomware, the financial sector is a natural target for cyber-attacks. In fact, with so much at risk, one might even say that financial institutions are the crown jewels for threat actors. Understandably, protecting themselves from an attack is a concern for multiple reasons, including brand reputation and the potential for significant financial loss. The Defender’s Advantage arises from the fact that security leaders have control over the landscape where they will meet their adversaries.

Unorganized, uncoordinated or siloed security activities make it difficult to provide answers to the many questions posed by business leaders and stakeholders, nor can they give them confidence in their readiness. By focusing on how people utilize the tools at their disposal and developing capabilities to protect the business, organizations broaden their horizon beyond the SOC to the greater scope of Cyber Defense.