Hacking the street? FIN4 likely playing the market

Jan 03, 2022
1 min read

FireEye has discovered and is currently tracking FIN4 - a group that targets email accounts of individuals privy to the most confidential information of more than 100 companies. The group appears to have a deep familiarity with business deals and corporate communications, and their effects on financial markets.

Operating since at least mid-2013, FIN4 distinctly focuses on compromising the accounts of individuals who possess non-public information about merger and acquisition (M&A) deals and major market-moving announcements, particularly in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. FIN4 has targeted individuals such as top executives, legal counsel, outside consultants, and researchers, among others.

Our visibility into FIN4’s activities is limited to their network operations; we can only surmise how they may be using and potentially benefiting from the valuable information they are able to obtain. However one fact remains clear: access to insider information that could make or break stock prices for over 80 publicly traded companies could surely put FIN4 at a considerable trading advantage.

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  • Find out the types of companies FIN4 has targeted and the information they're after
  • Learn about the techniques used to compromise key executive email accounts
  • Discover the mechanisms FIN4 uses to organize the data they collect and the steps used to evade detection
  • Understand the preventative measures that can be taken to avoid similar attacks

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