IDC InfoBrief: A Guide for Security Validation

Feb 17, 2022
1 min read
Security Effectiveness

Executive Summary
There is a notable gap in the enterprise security programs today. Companies buy several tools
and attempt to integrate these tools. Security validation is a platform that tests the efficacy and
interconnectedness of security tools against the threats and tactics of an adversary.

This InfoBrief:

  • Identifies and quantifies the challenges that businesses face from adversaries.
    • The need for security validation becomes evident quickly. The question of whether a company is appropriately protected cannot be simply addressed by malware signatures and threat simulations—it requires a greater understanding of how the company’s defenses perform against threat actors and tactics relevant to its business.
  • Examines what is important in security validation (it is decidedly more than threat simulation).
    • Security validation is a compelling use case; however, a well-conceived security validation solution can be used to understand initial baselines, validate timestamps, determine if telemetry is being properly passed between point products, help security practitioners improve their skills, help in the proof-of-concept stage of purchasing, and make relevant threat intelligence actionable.
  • Presents experiences from security practitioners to provide tangible illustration.

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