Looking into Your Cyber Risk Future

Jun 07, 2022
1 min read

Multiple avenues of insight with digital risk protection

Cyber criminals prepare for their attacks. This preparation leaves evidence across the internet. If you know where to look or have the right access, these clues can provide enough early warning to ready cyber defenses for the attack.

Digital risk protection gives you visibility into your global attack surface and dark web activity. This enables you to neutralize threat actor campaigns before any organizational impact, such as damaged brand reputation, lost customer trust and digital exposure across the extended enterprise infrastructure. Digital risk protection gives security professionals the ability to identify:

  • High-risk attack vectors
  • Malicious orchestration from the deep and dark web
  • Campaign execution on the open web
  • Threat actor groups and the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) they are currently using

Armed with this information, organizations can prepare for attacks, use resources more efficiently and reduce response time.