Adopting a Proactive, Intelligence-Led Cyber Mission

Jul 27, 2020
58 Min

Title: Adopting a Proactive, Intelligence-Led Cyber Mission

Presenters: Major General Earl Matthews USAF (Ret) Vice President, Strategy Mandiant Security Validation, Chris Cleary Chief Information,

Date: On-Demand


Government agencies and public sector organizations are at high risk from a variety of threats, everything from nation-state reconnaissance to data theft and ransomware. The best defense today still requires a combination of powerful tools and current threat intelligence, tuned to your organization’s needs.

Register today to join this discussion on the unique challenges facing government IT leaders and hear innovative ways to measure cybersecurity performance across network, email, endpoint, and cloud-based security controls. During this digital event we will cover:

  • How to manage the pace of change to IT systems and applications to ensure security control systems are keeping up
  • Understanding and communicating the effectiveness of your cybersecurity strategy with quantifiable, evidence-based data
  • How automated security validation, integrated with the latest threat intelligence and frontline expertise can validate the health of your infrastructure by testing against relevant threats

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