AI & Cybersecurity: How Mandiant Consultants Accelerate Detection & Response

Sep 14, 2023
60 MIN

Title: AI & Cybersecurity: How Mandiant Consultants Accelerate Detection & Response

Presenters: Trisha Alexander, Senior Consultant Ron Craft, Senior Consultant Jennifer Guzzetta, Product Marketing (Moderator)

Date and Time: On-Demand


For cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to benefit both the defenders and their adversaries.

Threat actors are using AI to instantly generate sophisticated and evasive attacks, while security teams are now using AI-powered security tools to better protect against them. Today, Mandiant consultants are leveraging AI to help defenders reduce the amount of time needed to detect, respond, and remediate these attacks.

Tune into this webinar to learn how Mandiant consultants use AI on the front lines to improve engagement efficiency and effectiveness—alongside their hands-on expertise and embedded threat intelligence.

Attendees will learn from Mandiant speakers Trisha Alexander, Ron Craft, and Jennifer Guzzetta how to use AI as a starting point to:

  • Accelerate the investigation process of incident response events
  • Streamline the generation of baseline threat detections
  • Apply diverse query languages for navigation across multiple security platforms

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