AI & Cybersecurity: Leveraging AI to Create Outcome-oriented Security Teams

Sep 07, 2023
60 MIN

Title: AI & Cybersecurity: Leveraging AI to Create Outcome-oriented Security Teams

Presenters: Josh Bass, Group Product Manager, Megan DeBlois, Product Manager, TJ Alldridge, Product Marketing (Moderator)

Date and Time: On-Demand


Threat intelligence is foundational to all aspects of a security program, from SecOps to vulnerability management to risk management and leadership. However, many organizations struggle to operationalize threat intelligence across functions to reduce risk faster. Additionally, the volume can be unmanageable if you don’t know what threats are most critical to your organization.

Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud) is leveraging AI to help security teams of all abilities see the threats that matter to them and use natural language to produce AI-driven search summarization.

Watch this upcoming webinar as Mandiant Threat Intelligence experts— Josh Bass, Megan DeBlois, and TJ Alldridge—demonstrate the new AI capabilities in Mandiant Threat Intelligence and share best practices. Attendees will learn:

  • Why a personalized threat profile is important to quickly understand your threats today
  • How to leverage natural language search prompts for easy to action results
  • How AI can help you quickly understand and reduce risk from emerging threats

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