Attack Surface Discovery at Scale

Oct 19, 2023
60 MIns

Title: Attack Surface Discovery at Scale

Subtitle: How to focus on reducing exploitable entry points

Presenters: Valerie Williamson, Product Manager and Alexa Rzasa, Product Marketing Manager

Date and Time: On-Demand


Attack surface data is the ever-increasing amount of information that attackers can use to exploit vulnerabilities in an organization's systems and networks. One of the biggest challenges in parsing through attack surface data is its sheer volume and complexity. Attackers are constantly developing new techniques and tools to exploit vulnerabilities, and organizations need to be able to keep up.

This means that security teams need to be able to quickly and accurately identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, even if they are buried in a sea of data.

Join the Mandiant team for a live discussion on outcome-based asset discovery, an easy-to-use method of understanding attack surface exposures. The team will discuss and demo:

  • How to define the outcomes or success criteria of asset discovery
  • The various use cases external attack surface management can solve for
  • The different ways to operationalize attack surface findings across the organization

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