Attack Surface Management : The Power of Automated Discovery

Jun 22, 2022
42 Min

Title: Attack Surface Management : The Power of Automated Discovery 

Brice Daniels, Director, Mandiant Consulting
Chuck Gabriele, Senior Consultant, Mandiant Consulting

Time: On-Demand


Establishing and maintaining a comprehensive internal and external view of enterprise infrastructure is largely manual. For red teams or penetration testers tasked with testing the security posture, it can take weeks to complete reconnaissance efforts before testing begins.

Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management is trusted and relied upon by one of the most revered cyber security consulting teams in the industry, Mandiant Consulting. Mandiant Consultants leverage Attack Surface Management to automate external asset discovery and reconnaissance efforts at the onset of and continuously throughout customer engagements.

Join Mandiant experts for a discussion on how automating reconnaissance benefits the security posture of customers. The team will discuss:

  • How they achieve visibility into a customer’s distributed IT environment that surpasses the knowledge of the customer.
  • Where to prioritize immediate efforts with insight into the high-risk assets being targeted by threat actors
  • How security teams can benefit from increased external visibility

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