Building a Ransomware Defense

Jul 07, 2020
61 Min

Title: Building a Ransomware Defense

Presenters: Luke McNamara, Principal Analyst, FireEye, Jon Ford, Director of Global Strategy and Operations for Government, Dan Lohrmann

Date: On-Demand


Ransomware is a remote, digital shakedown. It is disruptive and expensive, and it affects organizations of all sizes and in many industries. Government, however, faces greater risks and impact. Infections have shut down entire operations, forcing law enforcement agencies to drop cases and hospitals to turn away patients. But there may be a silver lining. Focusing defensive efforts in key areas and with practiced response planning may allow organizations to stop ransomware before it is deployed.

Listen to Government Technology and FireEye to hear how advanced detection and prevention and front line response practices -- supported by actionable threat intelligence -- are the best defense against ransomware and other advanced attacks. View the webcast to better understand:

  • Ransomware trends and landscape – NEW actors on the scene!
  • The “after hours” factor
  • Common initial infection vectors and dwell time
  • Potential threats to government, elections and more
  • How to defend and respond

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