CISO's Toolbox: Strategies for Success

Aug 06, 2019
50 Min

Title: CISO's Toolbox: Strategies for Success

Presenters: Deidre Diamond (CyberSN), Alyssa Miller (CDW) | Martin Holste (FireEye) | Mike Weber (CoalFire)

Date: On-Demand


What do CISOs need to be successful at their job? Discover the challenges CISOs are facing and the ways they are solving them.

Join security experts as they discuss the strategies, processes and technologies CISOs use to protect their organizations in the age of breaches:

  • What keeps CISOs up at night
  • Strategies for breach prevention
  • Strategies for making the most of AI technology and human talent
  • Coping with analyst fatigue
  • Threats on the horizon
  • Recommendations for strengthening security


  • Deidre Diamond, CEO & Founder, CyberSN
  • Alyssa Miller, Manager, Information Security Solutions Practice, CDW
  • Martin Holste, Cloud CTO, FireEye
  • Mike Weber, Vice President, Coalfire

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