Compromise Assessment with Mandiant: Why You Need It Today

Jul 15, 2021
46 Min
Compromise Assessment

Title: Compromise Assessment with Mandiant: Why You Need It Today

Presenters: Mike Trevett, Director, Mandiant Services EMEA & Mitch Clarke, Principal Consultant, Mandiant Services EMEA.

Event Details: On-Demand


Today’s threat actors are gaining in sophistication and motivation, and have greater opportunities to launch attacks with widespread enterprise cloud adoption and exponentially more connected devices. But you can outmaneuver attackers with Mandiant Compromise Assessment services from the global leader in incident response.

With Mandiant’s frontline expertise across IR, threat intel, and telemetry, you can hunt down unknown intrusions in your environment, including mass ransomware attacks and data theft, and espionage campaigns by stealthy nation-state actors aimed at intellectual property theft and access to your organization’s critical assets.

This webinar will offer a thorough overview of Mandiant’s Compromise Assessment program and the actionable insights you’ll gain that can help strengthen your security posture and reduce the risk of future attacks. We’ll demonstrate how comprehensive threat intelligence collected from our knowledgeable frontline responders, combined with a comprehensive performance assessment of your security stack, deliver the significant benefits such as:


  • Pinpoint Attackers – Discover past and ongoing attacker activity in your environment
  • Rapid Response – Immediate action taken to contain and eradicate the adversary, if detected.
  • Threat Context – Attacker attribution and motivation to know if you’re being targeted.
  • Improved Hygiene – Identification of architectural weaknesses and best practice recommendations to reach an effective security posture.

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