Cyber Best Practices: Hygiene for a Remote Government Workforce

Sep 09, 2020
63 Min

Title: Cyber Best Practices: Hygiene for a Remote Government Workforce

Presenters: Jason Atwell, Mandiant Threat Intelligence; Dr. Daniel Ragsdale, Department of Defense; Kevin Stine, NIST; Dr. Lerone Banks,

Date: On-Demand


Cyber crimes spiked 400 percent by April during the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to FBI reports. Phishing attacks continue to target users; ransomware and malware attacks remain threats keeping your agency from its critical data. With more essential services moving online than ever before, health care systems, online commerce, and, pressingly, government agencies have all seen upticks in cyber criminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities in a time of turbulence. For government agencies, maintaining proper cyber hygiene is essential to the mission.

How can agencies keep their IT protected across disparate networks? What training is needed to ensure security is prioritized regardless of where their workforce is located? How frequently should an agency patch? And what steps can you take today to secure your office’s digital infrastructure?

Join Nextgov’s discussion with federal leaders and government experts to find out cyber best practices for challenging times and beyond.

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