Mandiant Cyber Security Forecast 2023 Webinar

Nov 30, 2022
60 Min

Title: Mandiant Cyber Security Forecast 2023

Presenters: Andrew Kopcienski, Principal Analyst • GSI - Analysis, Mandiant, Inc

Date and Time: On-Demand


Every year we see the threat landscape evolve in different ways. While defenders are left with the critical challenge of navigating the uncertainty, the road ahead doesn’t have to be so foggy. By studying the trends we see today, we can paint a clearer picture of the battles we expect to be fighting in the coming year.

To help organizations be prepared for 2023 so they can improve their cyber readiness, Mandiant threat expert Andrew Kopcienski is presenting a deep-dive session to cover many of the topics discussed in the latest report, Mandiant Cyber Security Forecast 2023, including:

  • Russian cyber risks likely to continue to be high-tempo and high-impact
  • Chinese cyber espionage threats continue to be highly aggressive
  • Iranian actors may increase in escalating attacks due to rising internal turmoil
  • Information operations likely to continue to increase in tempo, with unclear impact
  • Cyber insurance may restrict access and coverage
  • Southeast Asia likely to see an increase in cyber espionage and ransomware
  • Extortion actors likely to continue to eschew ransomware in favor of pure extortion through data theft

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