Cyber Threats and Elections: What You Need to Know

Jun 19, 2019
38 Min

Title: Cyber Threats and Elections: What You Need to Know

Presenters: Luke McNamara, Principal Intelligence Analyst, FireEye

Date: On-Demand


Election security has become a growing priority for governments and citizens alike on a global scale.While cyber-enabled interference and election tampering continues to make headlines, coverage of the root cause can seem unclear due to the wide range of differing threats facing entities within an election’s ecosystem.

Join this webinar with Luke McNamara, Principal Analyst of Threat Intelligence, as he uncovers:

  • Frontline observances by FireEye of election-driven threat actors—and their key target areas
  • A risk framework for organizations to categorize election threat activities and targets
  • Beyond the enterprise, how these threats impact individuals and donors involved in political campaigns
  • Best practices used by FireEye and implemented by election administrators to reduce targeted cyber risks
  • The anticipated evolution of sophisticated attacker techniques in future elections

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