Defending your OT Network: The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

Jun 04, 2020
58 Min

Title: Defending your OT Network: The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

Presenters: Neal Gay, Sr. Manager - Managed Defense, FireEye Daniel Kapellmann Zafra, Technical Analysis Manager, FireEye

Date: On-Demand


You’ve checked all the standard cyber security boxes, giving you a sense of security and a plan in place. The problem is – what if it’s a false sense of security? All of your planning has secured the information technology (IT) side, while at the same time your operational technology (OT) is left wide open.

While consolidation is happening, it’s still a dangerous gap that begs the questions:

  • Are we doing enough to anticipate threats and prevent, detect, and quickly respond to cyber attacks?
  • Do we know our OT environment and have we implemented adequate security measures to protect our most critical assets?
  • Are we developing an intelligence driven, risk-based plan, timeline, and budget?
  • Have we done a recent risk assessment and developed a plan to address known risks?
  • Will we have a good explanation to give our leadership and constituents when attacks do happen?

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