Developing Your Ransomware Playbook: Best Practices and Legal Considerations

Sep 28, 2022
61 Min

Title: Developing Your Ransomware Playbook: Best Practices and Legal Considerations

Presenters: Steve Elovitz, Erin Joe, Mandiant, Craig Hoffman, Baker Hostetler. Katherine Keefe, Marsh Specialty, Lizzie Cookson, Coveware

Time: On-Demand


Mandiant is pleased to invite you to a webinar discussion on ransomware attacks with our panel of experts from Baker Hostetler, Marsh, and Coveware.

Throughout 2021, there was a significant increase in the number of ransomware attacks across industries, with an estimated 1/3 of all organizations worldwide having experienced a ransomware attack or some form of a breach. Once opportunistic hackers have evolved into highly sophisticated cyber criminals, and their ransom demands have now reached several millions of dollars per incident, on average. Due to their complexity, these incidents result in significant financial, operational, reputational, and legal consequences.

Today, organizations are expected to be prepared for a ransomware attack. We will provide practical ransomware protection strategies that organizations from all industries can implement.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Threat profile of a ransomware attack including prevention and recovery strategies
  • Legal implications of a ransomware attack
  • Insurance measures available to mitigate cyber risk
  • Considerations and requirements for ransomware recovery negotiations

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