Double Dragon: APT41, a Dual Espionage and Cyber Crime Operation

Aug 29, 2019
55 Min

Title: Double Dragon: APT41, a Dual Espionage and Cyber Crime Operation

Presenters: Jacqueline O'Leary,Principal Analyst; Raymond Leong, Principal Threat Analyst; Dan Perez, Principal Threat Analyst

Date: On-Demand


Defending the frontlines of cybersecurity is a never-ending battle, with new advanced persistent threat (APT) groups lurking to steal data, compromise infrastructure, and interfere with victim business operations. FireEye’s newly named threat group, APT41 is no exception. Their aggressive and consistent mode of operation, and highly sophisticated tactics, distinguishes them from other adversaries making them a double threat to contend with.

APT41 uniquely balances espionage activity concurrently with financially motivated activity driven by personal gain. Since 2012 FireEye has observed APT41 conduct in a wide range of operations including data theft, innovative supply-chain attacks, and the use of unique tools and targeting techniques.

Join this webinar to hear FireEye Threat Intelligence experts, Jacqueline O’Leary, Raymond Leong and Dan Perez, provide:

  • Insights into attribution and shared tactics between espionage and financially motivated operations
  • Supply chain compromises attributed to APT41 activity
  • Unique malware capabilities and techniques
  • Details on connections to identified personas

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