FireEye Chat - Front and Center: Insights into 2020 and Beyond

Dec 16, 2019
22 Min

Title: FireEye Chat - Front and Center: Insights into 2020 and Beyond

Presenters: Vasu Jakal, CMO, FireEye; Alexa King, EVP, General Counsel FireEye; Luke McNamara, Principal Analyst FireEye

Date: On-Demand


“The Road Ahead: Cyber Security Predictions in 2020 and Beyond” provides insights into what to expect from attackers, victim organizations, security vendors and nation-states. In the next episode of the quarterly talk show FireEye Chat, we dive deeper into two of the report’s topics: election security and the emerging role of the general counsel.

At least 70 percent of organizations say that they believe their security risk has increased significantly from the previous year.* With constantly evolving attacks, risk management will continue to play a significant global role in all industries and high profile activities, including the upcoming presidential elections. Breach planning and mitigation will be even more critical.

Join us as our expert FireEye Chat panel discusses:

  • The evolution of the cyber security landscape in 2020
  • Vote and election system corruption through cyber espionage and cyber influence efforts
  • Election risk framework
  • Best practices to reduce targeted cyber risk

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