FireEye Helix Explained - Helix Analytics

Jan 14, 2021
53 Min

Title: FireEye Helix Explained - Helix Analytics

Presenters: Sarah Cox, Sr. Instructional Designer, FireEye and Dustin Seibel, Mgr, Sr, Detection Research, FireEye



FireEye Helix enables you to take control of any incident from alert to fix, saving valuable time, resources and effort. This unified security operations platform addresses traditional SIEM shortfalls while delivering highly efficient, low-maintenance security automation.

Join us for the next session in a series of webinars, as our experts highlight:

  • How Helix analytics automate the detection of suspicious activity in your environment using techniques that rules alone cannot provide
  • The types of detectors employed by analytics to identify specific kinds of activity that are often associated with attackers
  • Analytics Advisories that help you identify additional data sources for analytics detections in your environment
  • Techniques for building context on analytics alert to enhance alert analysis and response
  • How to improve threat and vulnerability detection with advanced user behavioral analytics

A hands-on Helix demonstration shows how you can build context on analytics alerts and leverage analytics for hunting. And you can stay on after the session for an in-depth Q&A with our experts.

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