Five Steps to a Successful Enterprise Password Reset

Nov 07, 2022
59 Min

Title:Five Steps to a Successful Enterprise Password Reset

Presenters: Nader Zaveri, Senior Manager; Travis Fry, Senior Manager; Will Silverstone, Consultant; Moderator: Shelly Tzoumas, PMM

Date: On-Demand


One of the key paths to data breach involves an attacker leveraging stolen credentials to access applications or data within the enterprise. The appropriate response nearly always results in resetting passwords for all accounts in the environment. Resetting passwords for all accounts in an environment is often a significant undertaking and should be well planned. A well-prepared, coordinated, and executed enterprise password reset can often be the difference between an attacker maintaining a foothold in the environment versus being successfully eradicated.

Join Nader Zaveri, Travis Fry, and Will Silverstone from Mandiant’s Security Transformation Services Team to gain step-by-step guidance for building your plans to successfully perform an enterprise password reset. You’ll learn:

  • What comprises an enterprise password reset
  • Key steps in the process to successfully execute an enterprise password reset
  • How to ensure you minimize operational loss post-incident

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